Windy Point beach

sun ~ waves~ wind ~ laughter

Atmosphere of the south

Our beach is divided into sandy and grassy parts with smooth access to the water. All facilities including showers, changing cabin, sun loungers and other sports and play equipment are available for rent.

Our cocktail bar and Windy bistro with a terrace to quench every hunger and thirst. And don’t worry, we are ready and equipped for any weather!

Parking & toilets

Park right next to the beach. Newly extended toilets with running water and urinals can be used throughout the day. Both free of charge.

We're free, but with rules

We believe in respect at Windy

The atmosphere and the people make our place. That’s why we believe in mutual respect for everyone who spends time with us. Get involved, it’s not hard. Thank you!

Equipment for rent

Sun loungers, umbrellas, sitting bags and sacks, beach games, water attractions. We also have a special water wheelchair for the handicapped.

Beach facilities

There is a shower, lockable lockers, a changing cabin and a lifeguard staff.

Rauch happy zone

The quiet grassy part of the beach offers hammocks, sun loungers and plenty of shade under the treetops.

Cheers to sports!

We play beach volleyball, practice yoga, fitness, activities for children.
People with disabilities can also try the water in a special wheelchair vehicle.

Water attractions

Go for a ride on the lake on our paddleboards, pedal boat or boat. Everything is supervised by our lifeguards with our rescue board.

Pets are welcome

Here at Windy we love all our four-legged friends when their owners make sure they behave properly.

Do you want to have a teambuilding, private party or wedding at our beach?

Together we will prepare and organize everything