Beach volleyball na pláži je nej

Where else to play beach volleyball but the beach? At sunset with a permitted level of liquid doping or at night under the moonlight and electric lights.
Whether you are a seasoned pro or an occasional baller, you’ll feel great on our field. We have a new Rauch grandstand for rest of your crew to do the cheering.

Free play

All day when the field is free. Even at night because the court is lit. And we’ll also lend you the ball.

Regular tournaments

The Rauch Isotonic doubles tournament for great prizes is being held on Sunday 18 July and 15 August from 12 noon. Registration is between 11-12. hour the same day.

Be in the know

See how it is on the beach and what weather to expect. Accurate forecast directly from the place.

Freshen up

After a tense game it’s time to quench your thirst and to analyze everything. Stop by our Windy bar.

Get stronger

After a proper sports performance, you deserve something good. Come sit in our Windy Bistro with a beautiful view of the lake.

Go have fun

Experts know that it does not end with sunset. A night to remember can begin. Check our cultural program.